The Past, Present & Future of the Automobile

The Past, Present & Future of the Automobile


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The Automobile, especially in America, continues to be the most dominant form of transportation. While the car is celebrated with much fanfare, and marked as a sign of freedom and the "American Dream", we as a society are often incognizant of the various forces that led to, and continue its domination.

This course isn't particularly designed to echo the emotions of car enthusiasts. Its also not designed to ignore the merits of one of the most influential innovations human civilization has seen. Its for anyone who wants to get a clearer picture of the various political, economic, social and technological forces that made cars so ubiquitous that both our landscape and lives revolve around them.

Course Information

Course Structure

The class will meet Mondays 6:30-8:00 pm in Wheeler 204 starting September 10th. Each week, there will be a discussion based lecture from either a facilitator or a guest lecturer.


A weekly homework alongside a recommended reading would be assigned before each class.

Teams, formed at the beginning of the course, would be presenting a mini-lecture once in the semester


The class would be graded out of a total of 100 points.

  • Attendance & Participation : 50%

  • Homework Completion : 30%

  • Mini-Lecture : 20%

  • Two unexcused absences are permitted

  • 80% required to receive a passing grade