Welcome to DeCar Fall 2018. We will use this page to stay up to date with the syllabus, homework and projects. 



First class of DeCar will give you an introduction to the course material and the course policies.

Come and meet the facilitators and your peers as we all embark on a journey to geek out about the minutest of automotive details. Vote on some of the lecture material options that are available too!

(Note: Attendance during the first lecture is mandatory as we will be deciding groups that will work together throughout the course)


Car Tech

A lecture to prime all students for the lectures to come

Basic introduction to the evolution of crucial technologies in cars. This lecture will mainly focus on the past and the present, setting the foundation for consequent lectures discussing the future.

(Note: Attendance highly recommended)



Car Safety

Who said car safety has to be boring? This lecture will demystify the apparent complexities involved in one of the most rapidly evolving fields in automotive technologies.

Learn how technologies, now taken for granted, such as crumple zones, airbags, anti-lock braking system & stability control system came into existence over the course of many decades and changed how we interact with cars and they interact with us.


The Business of Cars

The business of cars isn't just taking people from point A to B. It's also to make $$$$ and influence political decisions made globally. Learn how this huge industry functions to make some of the largest and most profitable companies in the world. 

This lecture might make the average Berkeley student a little less appreciative of the automobile. But we're here to tell you the truth, not sugarcoat our material to please the car enthusiast.





Iconic Cars & Companies

A trip down memory lane that involves not just the beginning and the end of defunct car companies, but also some history of amazing companies that have managed to survive this brutal and challenging industry.

The best part, you get to vote for what companies you would like to learn about during the introduction lecture.



In continuation to the business lecture, learn how this profit hungry industry has been en-golf-ed in scandals that time and again have neglected human life, the environment, and public policy.

Honesty and unbiased knowledge guaranteed, as we try to paint the most accurate and complete image of this industry.



An abstract lecture trying to prove how un-abstract car design actually is. Ever wondered why all modern cars have such similar exteriors and interiors? All we will disclose before the lecture is that its not a coincidence. 

A guest speaker who works as an interior design engineer at Lucid Motors would give us deeper insight into the functioning of this industry.



Spring B R A K E!

Go and check out the New York International Auto Show


The Future

Self-driving cars by 2020? Flying electric cars by 2040? Decline in the automotive industry due to the emergence of widespread public transport? Will we ever know? Come to this lecture to find out!

All your acquired automotive knowledge culminates into our final lecture as we learn about the promising future of the automobile. With insider information (and a potential appearance) from Prof. Francesco Borrelli, our our faculty sponsor from Berkeley's Mech Eng. Department, be ready to be amazed by this lecture.


Final Presentations